zoranF……….Zoran Paar is the creative energy and driving force behind the company’s design. Working with
various architectural companies on projects of national and international reputation he
brings a significant background of experience in the design of schools, multi family housing,
office buildings, hospitals, industrial complexes, and private residences.
Mr. Paar began his
architectural career in 1980, and founded PAAR Design Inc. fifteen years later, in 1995, and
ever since he has designed numerous multi million dollar homes in prestigious areas.
He brings his highly developed three dimensional problem solving skills to project planning,
design, and detailing.
Mr. Paar graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture degree in 1979,
and is member of AIA/IA.



gordanaF……….Gordana Paar has been a partner in the firm since 2000. She brings to the firm expertise
in residential and commercial interior design, as well as in-depth experience working with
clients to bring out a personal touch needed to create successful design. Mrs. Paar has long
recognized the value of integrating the work of artists and craftsman into her designs,
and these collaborations lend her designs a special quality, and significantly add to the
project’s uniqueness. Mrs. Paar graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture degree in 1979,
and is member of AIA/IA.






nevenF……….Neven Paar has joned the firm upon graduating with Bachelors of Architectural Science from
Ryerson University in 2008. He has since then worked as an integral part of the project
team in all areas that Paar Design offers services in including but not limited to:
Architectural, Interior, Commercial Design as well as project management. He branched
off for a year in 2011 to work as part of a project management team at Veisman Consulting
in order to gain more experience in this field. His ability to offer alternate design
solutions to Mr. and Mrs. Paar as well as his attention to detail and knowledge and
experience with the Building Code, make him an integral part of the team.